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Congratulations to Geraint Thomas on becoming the first Welshman, and 3rd Briton (1st born in the UK) to win the Tour de France.

His journey has become very well known since winning the World's most prestigious cycling event, from Whitchurch High School and Maindy Flyers Cycling club to a reliable Domestique, Sprinter and Mountain climber, his success has help raise the profile of cycling in the UK and helped put Wales on the map.

Max Boyce even re-wrote the words to "Hymns and Arias", newly titled "The boy who climbed a mountain" in honour of G's achievements...

There's a pillar box in Cardiff, where the mayor has arranged

To buy some tins of yellow paint, and have the colour changed

And down in Cardiff city hall, I've heard the council say

We'll change the name of the Severn Bridge, to the Geraint Thomas Way

Now Whitchurch High are justly proud, and they love to tell the tale

How he carved his name in the wood of a desk, like Warburton and Bale

And where his yellow jersey hangs, beside the wooden beams

This boy who climbed a mountain, and dared to chase his dreams

But there were some who doubted, 'he doesn't stand a chance'

There's never been a Welshman, who has won the Tour de France

But he's more then just a domestique, I've known it all along

The boy deserves a knighthood and his bike deserves a gong

Courtesy of... BBC

It was a pleasure to see him raise the Welsh flag when presented as the winner of the Tour at the Arc de Triomphe on Sunday 29th July 2018, and long may his successful cycling career continue.

Here are a few comemorative illustrations from such a fantastic occasion....

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