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Sometimes taking a photograph of an event, landmark or landscape just isn't enough.

Sometimes filming such things means you miss-out on it in real-time or you waste time filming not a lot at all.

I was looking for inspiration for new ways to capture some fun thing, events, and landmarks, and I found it in timelapses!

Timelapses had been around for quite some time and I had experience of filming a clip then speeding it up in post-production.

However, I discovered that most timelapses are not filmed at all. They are a series of photographs over time, that when stitched together (and sped-up) create a really cool video.

Now, some people many say, "doh! isn't that exactly what a filming is?" Well, yes, but by taking photographs, not only do you have better control over the ISO, shutter speed and apeture,

when sped-up in post you're not reliant on the computer to drop frames, giving the final video a much smoother look and feel (provided it's not too windy and you keep your tripod steady).

Armed with this new technique I purchased some equipment for my camera, a ND1000 (neutral density) filter so that I can allow for long shutter speeds (allowing more light into the camera) without over exposing the picture and a intervalometer so that I can set set the time between pictures and the length of time I'd like to take picture for.

I later found out that I needn't have bought the intervalometer as Magic Lantern has this function built-in, but nevermind, its a good piece of kit.

Inspired to create my first timelapse videos, I set off to find a location with a lot of movement. Roath Park, Cardiff was one of my first destinations - lots of people moving, the water, the sky, the wildlife.

It proved to be a great spot, but most of my images seem to be too dark, I thought that the ND1000 filter was too strong for the amount of light and thus not enough light was in the shot.

I tried increasing the shutter speed but then I missed a lot of detail that fast moving item offer (i.e. birds take 1/100th of a second to fly past, setting the shutter speed to 2 seconds misses them completely!).

So off came the ND1000 filter only to find that now my shot was over-exposed.

I experiment with the shutter speed, ISO and apeture and settle on a setting that suited the scene - and added some titles in post.

I've had some real fun creating timelapse videos, it has not been easy, as every scene is different and is continually changing meaning that I need to constantly pay attention to the change in light of the subject or scene.

So far I have craeted more poor (too dark or over-exposed) timelapses than good ones, I've bought more kit (an adjustable strength ND filter) and I continue to experiemtn on my travels.

Thanks to Griffin Hammond for the inspiration [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PUM5AaNaME]

To view my timelapse videos, visit: www.greenlightvideo.co.uk/video

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