CEPOL European Police Seminar, Lyon, France

My hosts for the week, Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Police (ENSP, http://www.ensp.interieur.gouv.fr/) have provided a great seminar on the topic of Blended Learning and with particular reference to the management and development of online learning modules with presentations from CEPOL’s Julian Ter Huurne.

It was interesting to here from the participants from other European countries who seem to have the same difficulties that I experience in terms of Police technological ability, blockers to progress and buy-in to the eLearning concept.

However it is encouraging to learn that in the UK and particularly in South Wales we are by far in advance of many countries and other Policing agencies; we design our own content from without the need of a structured design tool, we host our own webinars and we host our software on our own Learning Management System (LMS).

However I don’t believe we do enough with our European colleagues, so for future development it would be good to share not only our CEPOL created courses but other localised courses if only to get a feel for the design and level of interactivity the student will experience.

A great addition to the seminar was the visit to Interpol who are also based in Lyon. Here I learned about the levels of complexity in delivering Blended Learning training to thousands of student in over 190 member countries all of who already have a high base-level knowledge about a given subject before starting an online module, the difficulties Interpol faced here was to keep the student engaged with the subject and I found that the level of design and interactivity certainly went a long way in doing this.

An interesting and worthwhile visit to Lyon from both a management and design / development point of view. à ma malakas, merci, gracias, σας ευχαριστώ, tack, danke, diolch.

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