Doorstep Crime Campaign

Recently I’ve been working on an eLearning awareness package showcasing the dangers, tactics and consequences of doorstep crime.

Doorstep crime is fast becoming a major issues for UK Police forces. Statistics show a significant increase in doorstep crime since the Scrap Metal Act was introduced in 2013 as many of the same culprits, have changed their MO, attempt to defraud the elderly and vulnerable.

They could target your mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather, or any other member if your family. The average age of a victim is 77 years old.

They attempt to gain access to a property by distraction, they will attempted to defraud by false representation and they will come back time and time again demanding more and more money each time. Many victims have lost their life savings or are thousands of pounds out of pocket. And studies have shown that some victims have died prematurely because of the lasting affects of the criminal activity.

The aim of the eLearning package is to make South Wales Police officers and partner agencies such as banks, home helps, age concern groups and trading standards, aware of the tell-tale signs of doorstep crime, what prevention measures are available to them and what legislation is in place and how to best prosecute the culprits when working in partnership with other agencies.

The eLearning package is SCORM 1.2 compliant and housed on the Learning Management System. I developed the content using Adobe Captivate, created my own roll-over navigation, developed supporting Flash animation content then filmed and edited video content using Apple Final Cut Pro X, bringing it all together in Captivate to best tell the story of a Doorstep crime victim, appealing to the viewers empathetic side.

Recent reports have shown an increase in prosecutions thanks to a better understanding of the subject. This can only help towards the elimination of the devastating crime.

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